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The Bottled Wealth Holdings comes to

The Bottled Wealth Holdings is a Fine Wine Distributor based in Singapore. The idea for TBW Holdings came from my own personal love for wine and my background in sales and trading. I realised that there is a growing demand in Europe, Asia and the USA for new world and fine wines and we were established to meet that demand. Why Singapore; you might ask? The answer is simple – a growing and ever more knowledgeable population, with an ever-increasing demand for fine wine and a thirst (no pun intended) for knowledge of wine and its production.

Extending knowledge and connoisseurship

We started trading in 2002, and have been steadily growing since, we are now proud to be one of the top brokers in Asia. We have a team of expert consultants who aid clients from around Asia Pacific, the UK and the USA. From our base in Singapore, we are happily extending to Hong Kong, Jakarta and Penang; spreading our love of fine wine and happily involving new markets in the world of wine ownership and connoisseurship.

Second rate wines need not apply

As I a wine lover myself, I appreciate the value of the commodity we sell and realise the value for our clients both as something to be consumed and enjoyed and as an investment. We focus on top quality desirable wines and we ensure they are stored with care in specially designed holding areas. We spend time sourcing and importing the highest quality wines from the best vineyards in Australia and we are expanding to import from other areas.

We sell to both retail and wholesale markets, supplying companies, such as restaurants and hotels, as well as selling directly to wine lovers. Buyers can choose to have their wine delivered to them personally or arrange to keep it in our holding facility. This latter service meaning that a client can own a fine wine, or number of fine wines, without the need to possess a traditional cellar. Who doesn’t want to own an ever increasing asset that can be held and shared with friends.

Speak to an expert

If you are considering investing in fine wine, or you are just looking for the best quality wine to enjoy, I would recommend using an expert broker such as The Bottled Wealth. Our expert brokers guarantee you get the highest quality wine, at the best prices, and select for your wines that will be worthwhile investments.

I love wine and I love helping people share my love.

Guillianno Mata

Guillianno Mata

CEO of Bottled Wealth Holdings

Guillianno Mata is originally from the Dominican Republic. He inherited his passion and flare for business and his entrepreneurial skills from his family who have a long history of global trade and shipping. While living in Spain, he and his family went on holiday to Singapore and fell in love with the country. Guillianno saw the potential in Singapore’s positions as a trading gateway between the West and Asia. The family decided to stay in Singapore and Guillianno began to develop his business connecting fine wine buyers in Asia with producers in Australia. He continuing hard work and determination and love for the product is steadily growing The Bottled Wealth into the leading wine broker in the region. For more information, see you